Kind and sweet words are always music to the ears

Words are incredibly powerful. They are not only elements of speech and writing, but also carry immeasurable significance. Words have ability to heal, destroy, encourage, or despair. Once you master the art of using words, you know words are mightier than sword. You can use this power constructively with words of encouragement or destructively with hurtful words.

Coded words aims to spread the profound effects of words on the human psyche through poems and motivational content. Articles on happiness, love, motivation, and daily life would be shared through this space.

Hi, I am Renuka Mark – an editor, a writer, and a poet. I dedicate this blog to exploring topics about conscious living, spiritual science, and health, and, of course, poetry. I am an avid traveler, ardent music lover, and a passionate photographer. Also, I am a voracious reader and a writer by passion. I have assisted few authors in shaping up their content and meaning effectively; one of them is – Sales Genesis. At present, I am penning down my own poetry book. In addition, I love connecting with people, know about them, and listening to their life experiences and stories. I aim to make this blog indescribably exquisite, and I hope that each post is purposeful. Life is short, yet we can make most out of it.

And miles to go before I sleep…

I invite you to get involved. Please share your thoughts with me!

ThanksΒ  πŸ™‚



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