Let’s pledge to have a safe and Happy Diwali!

The auspicious festival of lights is right around the corner. Rows of lighted lamps, unique decorations, delicious sweets, cheerful faces, almost everything makes Diwali just too special. Of course, people have a lot of fun this day and celebrate the festival enthusiastically. However, your celebrations should not become misery for other living beings. C’mon! Let’s make this Diwali special for animals, too! Every year, a number of animals are traumatized and many go missing during Diwali. Animals have much more sensitive hearing than humans, and hence, high-decibel noise of crackers scares animals and might cause them anxiety and panic attack. Bursting of crackers not only affects animals, but also causes some horrible health and environmental hazards. So, this Diwali let’s pledge to have a noise-free, smoke-free celebration because –

  • Bursting of crackers creates harmful gases in environment and causes air pollution.
  • Harmful gases, such as Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrous Oxides, cause breathing problem to asthma patients.
  • Deafening and killing sound of crackers causes immense stress to the animals. Many stray animals run helter-skelter on the streets or run away from their territories. Some even meet with fatal road accidents. Even birds abandon their nests due to fear.
  • The noise pollution created on Diwali night is traumatizing for old and sick people, babies, and animals.
  • The huge garbage on the road after Diwali also adds to the existing problem of garbage disposal in our country.

Let’s Make This Diwali Different

  • Avoid bursting crackers, light up diyas, and share sweets and gifts.
  • Put collar and tag your pets and strays with their names and contact details.
  • Keep your pets indoors and, also, provide refuge to stray animals.
  • Stop animal abuse (e.g., tying crackers to the tails of stray dogs and cats) and report animal cruelty to the nearest animal NGO.
  • Spread awareness and teach others to celebrate in a peaceful manner.
  • Spare a thought for the homeless and poor people and children.

May this celebration be full of happiness, love, and peace for all of us! Happy Diwali!



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